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Every culture has its own way of dressing. the way and manner individual dress is usually influenced by culture, environment and profession.
Nupe Dressing is more or less like an African cultural system of dressing that is innerwear. big outerwear, trouser with a round cap.

in Nupe cultural dress for men involve innerwear outerwear, trousers with a round cap. the inner
wear is called is call Ewo, While the outerwear is called Ewo Wuchiko meaning Big cloth, the
trouser is called tsakha, the round cap is called fuula and the shoe is called Eda.
(Note that E is pronounced as A in Nupe)

For Women and Ladies

there dressing the use of head wrapper with little-folded cloth on top of the head, cloth, wrapper, and shoe. the head wrapper is called ruufuta, the little-folded cloth is called Kpasa and sometimes wrapped on top
of the trapper, the cloth is also called Ewo and the Wrapper is called Ede while the shoe is also called
Eda.(Click Here to watch Nupe ladies dance)
the pix below show some pix of Nupe Dressing.

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