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Tsaragi is derive from the word "Tsaradiye" a coinage from the name of the living stream that gently flows
enroute Manyara a suburb of tsaragi town. Tsaragi is a Nupe speaking community with its inhabitant sharing close marital, ancestral and blood consanguinity, it's a micro-community where virtually everybody recognizes each other by either name or facial acquaintance.  Tsaragi shares boundary at both ends with Lafiagi-Tsonga in one end and Share an Igbomina speaking resident at the other.
Tsaragi is a centralised town with one major road traversing its heart which renders access to two Local Government headquarters of the state thereby making it a commercialy viable center. Tsaragi is relatively composed of over 8000 head population with over 222 villages and armlets Bacita been the largest of its
Tsaragi is naturaly sitted in the serenity of sloppy plain with downwardly tilted topography which naturaly disalows stagnancy of heavy downpour and enhances free flows of drainage in a control channels. Tsaragi is mountainously beautified with a Gigantic mineral laden mountain which had been a point of
research for geographers and students of related field, it's gigantic nature could also served as tourist attraction if properly managed, climbing the mountain painstakingly will give you the pictorial outlook of Tsaragi in full glance as it stretches wide and broad with old structures and modern edifices of different looks dotted with economic trees providing shades to the household, oxygen to the community and protection against the danger of whirlwind. The mountain has a flat top spacious enough to fly a jet. Mountain Wanzaya was indeed a great mountain readily opened to be explored.
Tsaragi has two natural living springs gushing forth a palatable water of odourless, tasteless and colourless composition which had been from time immemorial a second sourcce of potable water. These springs is another wonder of nature as they continue to flow for many decades with no stoppage and traceable spots of sources. Try to visit BAKAGI AND VOVOGI LIVING SPRING to nourish your eyes.
Tsaragi people are majorly famers with craft and commerce as subsidiary means of livilyhood. Tsaragi is richly endowed with traditional creativity hence we have houses bearing names that depict thier ancestral craftmanship, we have Emitswachizhi (The blacksmith compound), Emigbazhi (The wood carvers' compound), Emidzanzhi (The drumers' compound), Emi Lubasa Nuchizhi (Onion planters compound), Emi Ndadzolazhi (The warriors' compound) etc. Tsaragi people makes differents farm tools,useful implements and domestic utilities from wooden and mental materials such as cutlass, knife, rake, langalanga, sickle, molta and pestle.
Tsaragi youth majorly deals in trading activities specializing mainly on buying and selling of leguminous crop to the northern traders. 
Tsaragi market which is run every Saturday is the second largest market after Gbugbu in Edu local Gvt
areas, it contributes a consderable and reasonable dgree of income to its inhabitants making the town a point of commerce where different people from various towns and city come to trade.
Tsaragi youth are hardworking, creative, intellegent, well schooled, vibrant, humble and simple but not when their simplicity and humility is been taken for stupidity.
Tsaragi is an emirate community having two ruling royal houses viz Etsu Sule and
Etsu abdullahi rulling houses.
However the present Estu Tsaragi HRH Etsu Abdullahi Aliyu Kpoto has writen his name with gold on the hystorical mable of royalty by been the first Emir to be bestowed with the second and first class staff of office and the first Emir to build a magnificient palacious edifice and the first to have so far budgected the sum of # 15million from his personal savings for the project of kick starting the project of building a new central mosque. Tsaragi has to vibrant associations: YODAT and SUCCESS YOUTH (Watch Baba haja Tsaragi performing at Success youth Programme) others.Tsaragi people are friendly, accomodative, recptive and tollerance. You are welcome to Tsaragi the home of
peace love and progress.

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