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By reason of its location and its climate, soil, and hydrology, Nupe land has the capacity to produce most of Nigeria's stable crops. It also has ample opportunities for grazing, fishing, and forestry. Thus, cereals (guinea com, millet, maize and rice), grains and legumes (cowpea, Bam bar a nuts), root and tubers (yam, cassava and potatoes), oil seeds and nuts (Soya beans, Shea nuts, groundnut, . beni seed and melon), fruits (mango, orange, banana, cashew and guava) fibers (cotton and kenaf) and others such as vegetables and sugar cane can be profitably grown in the area. These provide the agrobased resources in Nupe land.

Agriculture is the back bone of the economy of Nupe land, as nearly 90 per cent of the population depend either directly or indirectly on it for their livelihood. The area is one of the largest and most fertile agricultural lands in the country. With only about 10 per cent of the area's arable land being cultivated, in addition to the favorable climatic conditions, unique opportunities exist in the area for the establishment of large scale farms.

As in other areas, the incidence of bush clearing by burning has led to the disappearance of traces of rainforest which occur in the Niger trough and flood plain. There is some lumbering activity in Southern Guinea savannah zone of the area. Other basic activities in the NUPE Land include cottage industries. On average, there are not less than sixty cottage industries across the nine emirates and others pocket of communities where Nupes are found around the country.

Mineral Resources:

 Minerals such as gold, clay, silica and sand, granites, marble, copper, iron, feldspar, lead, kaoline, cassiterite, columbite, tantalite and limestone are known to exist in Nupe land. However, most of these minerals have not been quantified and assessed for their quality and economic viability.
Local Sourcing of Raw Materials: The material resources outlined above provide local raw materials that would form the basis of agro based and mineral based industries in Kin Nupe.


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