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How To Link Your Facebook Account With Twitter

At times we wish to connect some of our social network accounts with other ones for easy contacts with our friends, when we watch news we like to publicized it and share the good information about it with our friends,when we have occasion we inform and invite our friends on facebook, whatsapp e.t.c, when we login to facebook and we see some events and interesting post,videos and pictures we like to share it with our friends on Twitter.however,the sad part of it is that both twitter and facebook does not provide direct link you can use to connect both accounts, but our creative blog has brought to you new method you can use to link your facebook with twitter without underground any form of stress, simply follow those steps.
1. Launch your browser,opera mini or other browsers but firefox is most preferably.
2. Enter www.facebook.com/twitter from the address bar.
3. Login with your facebook details (email or phone number and password).
4. After logging click link my profile to twitter.
5. Click on save change and both the accounts will be link together.
6.you can also link your facebook page by clicking link my page to twitter and save change.
more is still loading keep visiting the creative blog to enjoy the creativity.


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