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How To Use Outdated Whatsapp

whats app is now one of the top leading social network, the most
useful part of it is the instant messaging and free call as well.
Howbeit, the sadden part of whatsapp app is that before one can chat,
such must have their up-to-date app on his/her mobile phone but most
at times we lack enough mb to download whatsapp and without up-to-date
it will not allow one to chat except if we download it.
But today, our creative blog has bring solution to this problem
and happiness to this sadden part as well. If your whatsapp write
download another one before you could be able to chat, you don't need
to waste your mb downloading. All you need to do is as follow:
1. Just go to time and date settings on your phone.
2. Remove auto update of time and date and then change the date to
that of previous month for example if today is 12-10-2015 change it to
3. Off your mobile phone and on again, lunch whatsapp and have happy

Guide For 100 Level BUK Engineering Student

I congrats all the newly admitted students for the accomplishment and successful secure of admission into the university and also welcome you all to faculty of engineering Bayero University, Kano. am posting this to guide the newly admitted students about the race your about to start, because I know your so anxious to know the courses you will offer and also other things require. For every student under the faculty of engineering will register 9 courses for first semester and 6 courses for second semester, those are;
1. GPS1201 with is uses of English and is compulsory for every student admitted to the university.
2. MTH1301 - Elementary maths 1
3. STA1311 - probability and statistics.
4. PHY1210 - mechanics
5. PHY1220 - electricity and magnetism
6. CHM1241 - organic chemistry
7. CHM1231 - inorganic chemistry
8. PHY1170 - physics practical 1
9. CSC1201 - introduction to computer science.
And for the second semester are;
1. MTH1302 - Elementary maths 2
2. MTH1303 - Elementary maths 3
3. PHY1230 - behavior of matter
4. PHY1180 - physics practical 2
5. CHM1250- physical chemistry
6. CHM1241 - practical chemistry.
Those are the courses I said earlier, welcome to BUK and wish you best of lucks,and keep visiting our creative blog to enjoy our creative updates.

How To Download Videos From YouTube

As we all know Youtube is a social media site that is made for
watching videos and movies eg live news, latest Nollywood,Bollywood,
Ghaniwood movies and also live and past events e.t.c. At times we
watched our favorite videos on YouTube and after watched the video we
wish to download the video, but the painful part of it is that YouTube
does not provide a download link for their videos,but from my current
research I have discover a new method of downloading your favorite
videos without undergoing any form of difficulty,simply follow the
following steps.
1. Download and install the Opera on your phone or click on this link
to get it http://bit.ly/1M7MC26
2. Lunch the Opera, after lunched it on the bookmark you will see
YouTube click on it or in the address bar on top enter
3. After it open the YouTube from the search bar on top search for
your favorite video and it will bring the results.
4. Select the video you search and tap any side of the video.
5. You will see a download icon click on it and wait a while it will
start downloading the video.
Keep visiting our creative blog and enjoy our creative service.

How To Get Free 3gb On Mtn Sim

How to get free 3gb mtn
Tweak this Imei 354103039252303
Then send Mifi or Free to 131
You would be given 3Gb for 30 Days use Sms Bomber to Accumulate.
GOOD NEWS: works on both new and already tweaked sims

How To Call Other Networks With Mtn Bonus

Generally MTN don't allowed customers to call other networks with there bonus call, I wonder how unlike Etisalat that if u recharge u will be given bonus call to call all other networks, but some people still believe that I not possible, but to me is very possible I know you will say how?This is how to go about it, is very simple just add ##5 to the number u want to call eg 08111359481##5 and keep enjoying it


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